Beautiful Sonya Weaver


I’m Sonya Weaver, and I’ve now been happily married for two months. Our wedding day was amazing, and our photographs are a very special record of the day. Jane Foster was recommended to me, and I booked the bridal party makeup session along with my two bridesmaids and my mother.

My look was inspired by actress Sophia Loren, my wedding gown an incredible tulle dress in a classic look from the 1950s. The aim of the makeup was to sparkle, to be glamorous, glowing and still looking like myself so that I could enjoy being in the moment and feeling the love in the room.

First, Jane applied a matte foundation with a foundation brush to maintain a light touch and avoid over-coverage. For the perfect cats’ eyes, Jane used a black pencil liner to create the desired shape then used a liquid liner to draw over the existing line.

For a rich lip stain effect, Jane created a base with a lipstick pencil and made a burgundy colour by blending a ruby and an amethyst shade. The final step for the look I wanted was applying lip stain with her finger, so it had a softer feel.