Tips when using False Lashes

Getting natural looking false lashes that stay put is not that difficult if you follow these tips:

1. Consider your Eye Shape

Almond-shaped eyes look good with a strip lash. For deep-set eyes, use lashes that are longer in the centre; for downturned eyes use a shorter strip with lashes longer in the outer corners; a thin strip in a shorter length is best for hooded eyes. If your eyes are prominent, lashes at top and bottom give the illusion of pushing them back.

2. Trim False Lashes

Trim the lashes from the outer corner, as most are just too long straight from the box, which makes them more difficult to apply, make the outer edges of your eye droop and irritate the inner corners of the eye.

3. Keep the Curve

Roll the lashes around your finger or a makeup brush and leave for a minute to help them keep their curved shape if they have gone a bit flat once taken out of the box


4. Glue: Less is More

Only use a little bit of glue and give it a minute to become sticky before applying lashes. Too much glue to the band and the lashes will not stick well. All the excess glue also drips from the band into the lashes and stays there, which makes them look crusty.

5. Bond the Lashes

Curl your real lashes and apply mascara. Once you have put the false lashes on, gently push the two sets of lashes (real and fake) between your fingers. This helps them blend together. To blend further, swipe a tiny bit more mascara through the lashes.

6. Removing Lashes

When you remove false lashes, gently peel the old glue off the band. This helps keep the lashes reusable. And yes, you can reuse them.

Beautiful Sonya Weaver


I’m Sonya Weaver, and I’ve now been happily married for two months. Our wedding day was amazing, and our photographs are a very special record of the day. Jane Foster was recommended to me, and I booked the bridal party makeup session along with my two bridesmaids and my mother.

My look was inspired by actress Sophia Loren, my wedding gown an incredible tulle dress in a classic look from the 1950s. The aim of the makeup was to sparkle, to be glamorous, glowing and still looking like myself so that I could enjoy being in the moment and feeling the love in the room.

First, Jane applied a matte foundation with a foundation brush to maintain a light touch and avoid over-coverage. For the perfect cats’ eyes, Jane used a black pencil liner to create the desired shape then used a liquid liner to draw over the existing line.

For a rich lip stain effect, Jane created a base with a lipstick pencil and made a burgundy colour by blending a ruby and an amethyst shade. The final step for the look I wanted was applying lip stain with her finger, so it had a softer feel.

Michelle & Chris

I am Michelle Jacobs, and I married my handsome groom Chris on a wintry afternoon last year. Jane Foster was recommended to me and was both friendly and professional. I booked a trial bridal makeup session along with my two bridesmaids and my mother.

We went to Jane’s salon for a consultation and trial makeup session. We took along pictures giving a look that we wanted, along with pictures of our wedding outfits. Jane suggested that all of us go with the theme of metallic makeup, not because I’m an edgy anti-bride, but the metallic shades had a soft, light-catching sheen and a radiant effect, perfect for a wintery day. On the day, the creamy eyeshadows looked more natural than powdered mattes, not creasing or fading, even on my mother’s older skin. We all had the rose-gold shade since we all have medium tone skin, which I wore over the entire lid for an expensive effect, whilst my bridesmaids and mother had the colour dabbed on the inner corners for an extra glint.

We all chose different neutral metallic lipsticks for a non-shiny, matte and velvety soft finish. The subtle glam, shine and glow shimmers stayed put for hours.

bride1 bride12

Marissa’s Special Day

Marissa's Special Day

Wanting to look wonderful for my debutante ball, it was clear that the support and advice of a professional makeup artist would help me keep calm and add confidence for the ball itself.

I am Marissa, and I was the first in my family to be a debutante. I had an initial consultation with Jane over an online video call and was able to share with her all elements of the look I was after, from the outfit to my personal style. She came up with some makeup ideas and encouraged me to look after my skin in the lead up to the ball so that my skin would be in the best condition for the makeup.

On the day of the ball, Jane joined me at the hotel and stayed with me to create a flawlessly natural appearance, making sure my skin tone was even and covering my acne scars. She also applied false eyelashes to put the main focus on my eyes. I felt amazing and self-assured with a look that complimented my white debutante gown and the occasion, with red flaming lips and cheeks and a gown that fits like a second skin.

Marissa and a friend Marissa's Debutante Ball