Tips when using False Lashes

Most of us love wearing false lashes….but not everyone knows how to use them. Here are a couple of tips to applying them :)

1. Trim them to fit your eye ! Do this before applying them. Measure them up to your own lashes and trim them so they fit from the inner corner to just on the inside of the outer corner, this is so it doesn’t pull your eye down…actually it will do the opposite and open them up.

2. Buy a good quality glue to keep at home rather than using the poor quality ones that come in the packet…I recommend Duo or Ardell

3. Apply the glue to the back of the hand and allow to get tacky, once tacky glide edge of lashes along glue so the whole strip is covered with a nice neat glue line

3. Place the middle of the lashes to the top of the lash line first then guide the outer edges into place. There should be no gap between the fake lash and your eyelid

4. Once lashes are secured and dry, re apply your liner over the top to seal the deal :)


Beautiful Megan Grace

meganThis is one of my stunning brides Megan Watson….who now goes by the beautiful married name of Megan Grace!! How awesome is that !! It was so nice to meet Megan and be a part of such a special moment in her life as she had such as warm and positive personality.
I arrived around 9am at Element on Coolum Beach to prepare the bride, bridesmaids & mothers. I used soft colours to compliment Rachel’s complextion, eye and hair colour. The gorgeous strip eyelashes really topped off the look to add a little bit of drama 🙂


Courtney & Brian

Some how I am so lucky to have the best brides !! Courtney was such a beautiful bride, inside and out. I had the pleasure of meeting her now husband Brian as well and I could just feel the love and respect they both shared for each other . Courtney and Brian had a couple of photographers on the day Matt Photography, Galvin Photography and also Brian who is also a talented photographer himself. The gorgeous hairstyles were done by Corney hair & body and the flowers were hand picked by Courtney’s Mother !! Amazing Makeup design by myself Jacqueline Foster Make-Up
Their wedding took place on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast.
bride1 bride12

Selena’s Special Day

4This was such a fun wedding day to be apart of, I have known Selena since we were about 15 yrs old so it was pretty amazing to be able to do her wedding makeup 13 yrs later !!! Best wishes Selena and Luke !!!

As a mobile Makeup Artist on the Sunshine Coast it is always exciting to take my business to the big smoke Brisbane :)

Selena chose to have Airbrush makeup for her self on the day. I use the leading wedding airbrush brand Temptu which is a silicone based airbrush solution with excellent coverage and wearing longevity.

The bridesmaids had traditional makeup in which I used Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Liquid Foundation:

Oil free and long lasting, this silky foundation delivers flawless results for a
perfect complexion. The smooth, oil free emulsion blends effortlessly onto the
skin. Special light diffusing pigments amplify the light, giving skin the
appearance of a healthy luminosity. Contains Vitamins A and E to soothe and
condition the skin. Medium to full coverage, suitable for all skin types.

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