Marissa’s Special Day

Marissa's Special Day

Wanting to look wonderful for my debutante ball, it was clear that the support and advice of a professional makeup artist would help me keep calm and add confidence for the ball itself.

I am Marissa, and I was the first in my family to be a debutante. I had an initial consultation with Jane over an online video call and was able to share with her all elements of the look I was after, from the outfit to my personal style. She came up with some makeup ideas and encouraged me to look after my skin in the lead up to the ball so that my skin would be in the best condition for the makeup.

On the day of the ball, Jane joined me at the hotel and stayed with me to create a flawlessly natural appearance, making sure my skin tone was even and covering my acne scars. She also applied false eyelashes to put the main focus on my eyes. I felt amazing and self-assured with a look that complimented my white debutante gown and the occasion, with red flaming lips and cheeks and a gown that fits like a second skin.

Marissa and a friend Marissa's Debutante Ball

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