Qualified and Experienced

Jane Foster is a qualified and experienced makeup artist covering a broad range of skills including:

bride makeup

  • Bridal Makeup

  • Photographic & Movie Makeup

  • Fashion / Catwalk

  • Corporate / Mature

  • Special effects

  • Theatrical

Bridal Makeup Service

Apply a primer under an all-hours liquid foundation applied with a buff brush, which should offer good coverage on spots, scarring and redness. Add a thin concealer with a blending brush and setting powder around the nose and mouth. Use a cream blush, not a powder and a highlighting powder applied to high points.

An eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow with highlight and sculpt shades to contour the socket. Add eyeliner and waterproof mascara, which also curls lashes and adds length and definition.

Use a nude liner around the natural lip line and as filler for a long-lasting base for lipstick.

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Photographic & Movie Makeup

Makeup for photography needs to be perfect for one static image. The perfect lighting, face and mood have to be captured in one perfect moment in time. Clean makeup work is vital and HD quality essential. (View the Photoshoot Makeup prices – here)

Movie makeup artists need to have a multitude of makeup skills to fit with precisely what the producer wants. The makeup is used to convey the essence of a character both close up and at a distance, which means expertise in the use of highlight and shadow.

Fashion / Catwalk Makeup

Fashion or catwalk make up is a collaborative process between the makeup artist and the designer, who provides the story behind the fashion, shows swatches of fabrics or actual pieces from the collection. Sometimes the stylist may also be present and beauty references agreed before a test model is created. These are intense, adrenaline-fueled events where staying calm and patient under pressure is vital.

On the day, all is fast-paced and nerve-wracking behind the scenes. There may be many models and a limited amount of time, which requires not only advanced artistry skills but the ability to do flawless makeup in a short period of time, often under stress.

Corporate /Mature Makeup

To look their natural best, makeup artists working in the corporate sector, or with more mature people, the use of a concealer palette can be used instead of foundation and also helps to cover up any blemishes, redness and even out skin tone. Makeup artists still use traditional foundations, rather than tinted colour-correcting BB and CC creams, which can be custom mixed for a more exact skin match. Yet several makeup artists like to use BB cream as a primer–and then put foundation on top for salon-worthy skin.

Special Effects

Special effects makeup artists spend hours developing a person into something quite different, this can include adding abrasions, wounds, deformities, animal features or anything. From making an actor look slightly older to like something from another planet. Makeup artists usually work with the director to bring their vision for the action to life and this can involve the use of prosthetics together with many, many hours creating the illusion.


At some schools you can learn prosthetics along with special effects, though it is also a stand-alone specialty, which begins with taking a mould of a body part that needs to look different. This is often the face but can be anywhere. Keeping the mould edges as thin as possible is crucial so that they are easy to cover for a flawless look. One of the hardest parts of prosthetic make-up is keeping the edges as thin as possible. They should be tissue-thin so they are easy to blend and cover giving a flawless look.