Special Occasions & Photoshoots

Special Occasion Makeup

Any special event starts with you feeling special. A Special Occasion makeup session will leave you feeling full of energy, inspired, and with eyes sparkling, ready for the event. Whether you’re a guest at a wedding, it is your birthday, anniversary or prom, you can have a makeover that will leave you feeling ready for the red carpet with flawless makeup.

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Special occasions

Generally speaking, you want to create a perfect eye-lip balance. This can include either shimmery eyes, a more dramatic look with metallic eyeshadow that doesn’t look overdone like an 80s rock star. Smoky eyes are perfect for a masquerade ball. If you want to your lips to be your statement, go bold, with a more neutral look on the eyes. Red is popular, but also burgundy, plum, or even purple. You can, of course, have makeup that gives you a fresh, glowing, natural look.


If you want makeup for photoshoots, this requires more makeup than in real life because the camera, whether a still or a video, can never capture the vibrancy that is visible in real life because light bounces off the makeup. A professional makeup artist can apply your makeup to suit the light conditions for your images, applying the makeup in natural light so that skin tones can be expertly blended.

The makeup will be created from matte products to avoid shine to the face. The look will depend on what you want. Soft lighting will help smooth out details and texture, while hard or directional light can emphasise your lips or eyes, with gloss on lips and bolder colours to define the eyes.


Makeup for a special occasion or a photoshoot costs $85. This includes travel within a 10-mile radius of the makeup artists base, with travel on top charged at 0.50p per mile. The cost includes free false eyelashes. At a photoshoot, the makeup artist will meet with you at the studio or filming location and be available for two hours within the standard package. Half-day and full-day packages are available with price on application.

Whatever era you are inspired by, a professional makeup artist will have the expertise to make it come to life. Whether you want to look like a vintage beauty, perfect pin-up, or just like yourself, your makeup will be styled with creativity and attention to detail.