Tips when using False Lashes

Getting natural looking false lashes that stay put is not that difficult if you follow these tips:

1. Consider your Eye Shape

Almond-shaped eyes look good with a strip lash. For deep-set eyes, use lashes that are longer in the centre; for downturned eyes use a shorter strip with lashes longer in the outer corners; a thin strip in a shorter length is best for hooded eyes. If your eyes are prominent, lashes at top and bottom give the illusion of pushing them back.

2. Trim False Lashes

Trim the lashes from the outer corner, as most are just too long straight from the box, which makes them more difficult to apply, make the outer edges of your eye droop and irritate the inner corners of the eye.

3. Keep the Curve

Roll the lashes around your finger or a makeup brush and leave for a minute to help them keep their curved shape if they have gone a bit flat once taken out of the box


4. Glue: Less is More

Only use a little bit of glue and give it a minute to become sticky before applying lashes. Too much glue to the band and the lashes will not stick well. All the excess glue also drips from the band into the lashes and stays there, which makes them look crusty.

5. Bond the Lashes

Curl your real lashes and apply mascara. Once you have put the false lashes on, gently push the two sets of lashes (real and fake) between your fingers. This helps them blend together. To blend further, swipe a tiny bit more mascara through the lashes.

6. Removing Lashes

When you remove false lashes, gently peel the old glue off the band. This helps keep the lashes reusable. And yes, you can reuse them.