Tips when using False Lashes

Most of us love wearing false lashes….but not everyone knows how to use them. Here are a couple of tips to applying them :)

1. Trim them to fit your eye ! Do this before applying them. Measure them up to your own lashes and trim them so they fit from the inner corner to just on the inside of the outer corner, this is so it doesn’t pull your eye down…actually it will do the opposite and open them up.

2. Buy a good quality glue to keep at home rather than using the poor quality ones that come in the packet…I recommend Duo or Ardell

3. Apply the glue to the back of the hand and allow to get tacky, once tacky glide edge of lashes along glue so the whole strip is covered with a nice neat glue line

3. Place the middle of the lashes to the top of the lash line first then guide the outer edges into place. There should be no gap between the fake lash and your eyelid

4. Once lashes are secured and dry, re apply your liner over the top to seal the deal :)